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Affiliated Hotels

Majelletta WE has some participating hotels that allow you to stay near the ski slopes at a price reserved.
Choose the hotel of your choice and go to the application form to book and ask for availability!


Mammarosa Hotel

Mammarosa Hotel is 200 meters from the slopes and offers good homemade food. New this year Wi-Fi! (Reservation is not possible over the Christmas period)

Period from 1/02 to 06/03 2016 High Holidays season:

- Double Room 45 € per person
- Triple € 37 per person
- Quadruple € 32 per person

High season Weekdays:

- Double Room € 30 per person
- Triple € 26 per person
- Quadruple € 23 per person

Other periods (excluding Christmas holidays) Low season:

- Double Room € 40 per person Holidays
- Double Room € 28 per person Weekdays
- Triple € 33 Holidays and Weekdays per person
- Quadruple Holidays and Weekdays € 28 per person

All prices include breakfast and are per person



The hotel Majelletta

Hotel La Majelletta provides the service of round-trip transportation on the ski slopes Majelletta WE (4 km) and has a unique location, the spa you can admire the snowy forest! (Booking service for spa and rooms not available during Christmas / The spa is not available on Saturdays)

- Fitness center 20 € per person for 2 hours (except Saturday and Christmas holidays). Discounted cost € 15 (if you book a room)
- Rooms 40 € per person on holidays / 30 € per person on weekdays



Refuge Pomilio

Bedroom 3 px - 5 and 7 px px (necessary bedding or sleeping bag
personal) € 20 with breakfast